Shared living arrangements in cost and environmentally effective buildings.



Property developers Heistad Utvikling AS, Skien Boligbyggelag and Urbanium AS.

Context AS is both architect and project coordinator.

Responsible Partner: Katie Hagen / Rolf Hagen


'Shared Living' is a Context / bECOs initiated project, part funded by Husbanken.

The project will test shared living solutions and implementation models in 3 projects. 

Brief summary:

Today's society and traditional family forms are changing.

New mobile populations, a growing elderly population and the decline of the traditional nuclear family challenge our current living arrangements and requires new thinking in relation to the design and organisation of modern homes. 

Meanwhile general construction costs are increasing alongside increasing demands for environmental performance and technical solutions. There is an urgent need for the development of building solutions that can reduce construction costs while quality of living and environmental responsibility are maintained.

The project will examine shared living solutions in three specific projects, with an emphasis on living quality, implementation models, low construction costs and high environmental performance. The three participating developers represent a range of public to private practitioners


Projects under development