Photo : GAUSTATOPPEN with  Kimi Tayler, a London based artist. Artist in residence, March 2016

Photo : GAUSTATOPPEN with  Kimi Tayler, a London based artist. Artist in residence, March 2016

… a genuinely amazing afternoon. Don’t think I’ve ever done drawing in such an incredible place. Such a privilege. Thanks Katie Hagen & the Context team
— Kimi Tayler, London based artist / artist in residence March 2016


Hosted by Context AS and in collaboration with KAT-art we are able to offer independent, self directed artist and architecture residencies for individual or small groups (1-3 people). We are located in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Rjukan, situated on the edge of the stunning Hardangervidda National (mountain) Park.

We do not receive funding for our residency program, however as we like to share our space with artist and architects with whom we share common interests and goals, we offer residency on a non profit basis. We do not charge residency fees, we do however ask for a small contribution (exchange of value) to cover our basic costs. All other expenses (travel, food, materials etc.) need to be covered by the participants. Guest should like animals, especially dogs as we have two, and they like to venture into the office & studio with us.

Facilities include single/shared accommodation in a private room, bathroom, kitchen, access to KAT-art studio spaces, access to Context office space and basic model making equipment, access to Wi-Fi, networking and contacts within our local community.

Suitable disciplines include visual art, architecture, writing, photography

Application by Email.


We love our space and enjoy sharing it with other creatives. Currently our building in Villaveien is home to the following organisations: Context AS, bECOS AS, KAT-art and ArtCHAT(org)

As we also love travelling, it is rarely a problem to find a free desk in Context's main office space. For artists, ArtCHAT opens up their generously equipped studio in the loft to other artists when it is not being use for workshops.

Co-working is offered via membership or by invitation.

We offer day, weekly or monthly passes. Access to Wi-Fi and refreshments (tea, coffee) is included in the pass. 

Application by email

 Our view

Our view