ArtCHAT is an initiative started in 2015 by architect & artist Katie Hagen (, one of the founding partners of Context.

Using art as a catalyst for social development, and creating a greater sense of identity, place, cultural awareness, and integration.

ArtCHAT began in 2015 as an initiative helping creative youths growing up in Norway to build a network of like-minded peers. Through close collaboration within the network youths will be able to gain a greater insight into their own work, gain a sense of identity and understanding of place, and a greater understanding of growing up in Norway and Norwegian culture.

As of January 2016  ArtCHAT has offered monthly workshops for local youths on a non profit basis. ArtCHAT works with groups of teenagers from both the local community and those currently still waiting to be granted asylum.

ArtCHAT also offers independent, self directed artist and architectural residencies for individual or small groups (1-3 people), hosted by Context AS.

ArtCHAT is run on a non-profit basis. 

Would you like to support ArtCHAT ?

Katie is both an architect and an artist (KAT-art). Her paintings have been exhibited in several European countries over the years, though KAT-art paintings are rarely for sale. However soley because Katie sees the enormous value and joy ArtCHAT brings to 'her' teenages, she is now offering businesses and private collectors the opportunity to lease a KAT-art original for a period of time (through Context), the proceeds of which will go directly towards funding ArtCHAT.  

If you would like to enjoy having an original work of art in your workplace or home whilst also directly contributing to adding value and joy to the lives of the many youth we work with, please do not hesitate to contact us.