building ECO solutions

bECOs is a building system developed by Context to explore mass market implementation of high end environmental standards of building. bECOs has been established as a separate company which delivers industrially manufactured buildings based on local resources, high architectural quality and superior environmental performance.

bECOs is based on three pillars.

Ecology – The building system achieves substantial reductions in embodied carbon and energy consumption, and all building components are guaranteed free of environmental toxins and harmful indoor emissions. bECOs projects are area efficient, designed for reassembly and recycling throughout a long service life.

Economy – The development of bECOs projects follows processes more closely related to product design than traditional building. All component solutions are continuously developed in cooperation with selected manufacturers, allowing superior environmental performance and quality within standard building costs.

Ecotechnology – Building technologies are developing rapidly and continually. The bECOs system utilises the best local and European technologies, and each project is designed to allow continual technical upgrades throughout the entire life cycle.

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bECOs Standard, basic package: 40% energy reduction (TEK17), 50% reduction CO2 emissions from materials (klimagassregnskap) and guaranteed 100% free from envirnomental toxins and high emitting materials.