Gvepsborg Café, Rjukan 



Gvepseborg Restaurant is a simple volume situated on the edge of the valley, cantilevered out towards the view. The volume is conceived of as a protective shell folded around a warm and sheltered internal space, formed to reduce the effects of wind and snow gathering around the building in winter. The inner space opens itself out towards the spectacular view. From the town the building is seen as a warm point of light above the valley.

The building is constructed with prefabricated timber elements and clad internally with a smooth pine cladding. It is designed to fulfil Energy Class A, and satisfies the Norwegian low energy standard despite the area of glazing constituting 30% of the heated floor area. Daylight sensors control the lighting levels. Heating is based on bio energy and a heat pump and the building has been constructed to allow for the possibility of installing south-facing solar panels on the roof. A hybrid ventilation system combines natural and mechanical systems. The hygroscopic and low emitting properties og the internal surfaces contribute to a stable internal climate and good air quality.

Client: Krossobanen AS / Tinn Kommune

Contractor: Fjellerud Bygg AS

Responsible partner: Rolf Hagen / Katie Hagen