Film link : A 15 minute introduction to City 3.0, performed for Grønn Byggallianse, Oslo 28th Nov 2017

City 3.0

Futureproofing property development


City 3.0 is an interactive program Context AS and Kyrre Texnæs Creator of Movements AS have developed together to explore the trends, technical solutions, necessary mindset and processes for the future business of property development. 

The program imparts deep, detailed knowledge of current trends and technologies, along with the human-centred organisational development necessary to address these trends and challenges.

Rapid changes are taking place in technology and society that will dramatically affect the business of property development. New solutions and development models have the potential to significantly alter real estate values within a few years. Changing social structures are opening new market opportunities for perceptive developers.

City 3.0 has been designed to assist property developers in preparing their organisations and projects for fundamental changes that are already underway.

New markets - new opportunities - new solutions.


City 3.0: The double edged program

(Det understrekes at City 3.0 kan holdes på norsk eller engelsk etter ønkse).

A stand-alone introductory interactive experience.

An interactive Lecture-Performance.

This is the introduction to City 3.0. A glimpse into the trends, technical solutions and necessary mindset.

Duration, approx. 1 hour. 

A development package, tailored to your organisation.

A series of workshops combining knowledge and mindset.

1. Understanding future energy : Agility, job satisfaction and safety.

2. Understanding future materials : Values, vision and lean thinking.

3. Understanding future economies : Communication, trust and cooperation.

4. Understanding future transport : Change, networks and alliances.

5. Understanding future work : Self-management, process management and group dynamics

6. Understanding future society : Ethics, values, interaction and social responsibility.