bECOs 002 SBBL Kongerød

Courtyard op 2.jpg

Size: 2540 m2 BTA

Client: Skien Boligbyggelag v/ Marianne Hegna

Period: 2017 - 

bECOs is currently developing a housing project consisting of up to 27 units at Kongerød in Skien for Skien Boligbyggelag. The project is organised as a village with varied housing types within a modern wooden house typology. The project includes large common indoor and outdoor areas for the residents, who will contribute in the design process. The goal is to create a local community based on shared activities and social contact - while still maintaining high standard private housing and outdoor spaces. All of the buildings are being manufactured using CLT-elements and according to bECOs' stringent environmental standards. Construction is planned to begin in the autumn of 2017.


‘bECOS Shared Living Kongerød’ is being used as a case study, along with two other projects in the Context initiated research project (part funded by Husbanken) - ‘Shared Living arrangements in cost and environmentally effective buildings’.




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