bECOs 001 AiR Rauland

bECOs 001 AiR_TN.jpg

Size: 1270 m2 BTA

Client: bECOs / Rehabiliteringssenteret AiR v/ Svein Kostveit

Period: 2016 -

bECOs 001 AiR Rauland consists of 14 apartments, 2 detached houses and a community building for Rehabiliteringssenteret AiR in Rauland in Telemark. The residential units are to be used by employees of AiR as well as others, and are organised as small units around the community building. The community building will be the social focus of the housing area and ensure that new residents are quickly integrated into the local community. All of the buildings are being manufactured using CLT-elements and according to bECOs' stringent environmental standards.

Context has been engaged by bECOs in the role of project architect. 

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bECOs Standard, basic package:

40% energy reduction (TEK17), 50% reduction CO2 emissions from materials (klimagassregnskap) and guaranteed 100% free from envirnomental toxins and high emitting materials.