ArtCHAT is a 'not-for-profit' initiative started in 2015 by architect & artist KATie Hagen (, one of the founding partners of Context.  Originally run on a non-profit basis within Context, ArtCHAT is now  a seperate non-profit organisation. 

Using art as a catalyst for social development, and creating a greater sense of identity, place, cultural awareness, and integration.

ArtCHAT began in 2015 as an initiative helping creative youths growing up in Norway to build a network of like-minded peers. Through close collaboration within the network youths will be able to gain a greater insight into their own work, gain a sense of identity and understanding of place, and a greater understanding of growing up in Norway and Norwegian culture.

ArtCHAT works with groups of teenagers from both the local community and those currently still waiting to be granted asylum.

 Context will continue to support and sponsor ArtCHAT's work. If you would also like to support ArtCHAT please contact KATie