contexo - textere - texui -textum [to weave or twine together, connect, unite, construct, form]. Hence partic. contextus -a -um [interwoven, connected, united]. Adv. contexte, [in close connection]

Context was founded in 2004 as a combined architectural practice and environmental consultancy. Our key areas of expertise are architecture, masterplanning, architectural heritage and sustainable design. Our goal is to deliver the foremost reference projects for the sustainable development of the building sector. 

We work to identify the specific qualities and environmental criteria of each context and seek ways to integrate these in our projects, whether the design proposal for a given site or historic building or a planning process for the development of a whole community. Process management is a key component of our expertise, in everything from individual buildings to large scale development projects. 



Ansvarlig søker                                             Alle tiltak                                                                                3

Prosjekterende                                             Overordnet ansvar prosjektering                                         2

Prosjekterende                                             Arkitektur                                                                               3

Prosjekterende                                             Bygningsfysikk                                                                       3

Uavhengig kontrol                                       Bygningsfysikk                                                                       2